Occupied Home Staging

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Occupied Home Staging Solutions in San Jose, CA

Home staging San Jose presents you with the perfect home staging package that allows you to still have your belongings in the house during the process. How, you ask? Well, let us take you through it.

Occupied home staging is a home staging process that simply selects a few rooms in the house for staging, while leaving the others as is. This then means that you can comfortably stay in, or even keep your belongings in these untouched rooms.

What this process also allows is the use of your furniture and other artifacts. We, unlike other home staging designs where we have to come with everything for staging, occupied home staging makes use of what you already have.

What we simply do is depersonalize the rooms as much as possible. This means that we take out anything that seems too close to you, anything that makes the house look like it belongs to someone already. We are talking of things like paintings, portraits, family photos, trophies and so on. These may be replaced by other things in our store to create a simpler less personal aura.

Some things may still need to be done, even with this simple option. In order to achieve a flawless home staging artists San Jose, we need to attend to every detail. So if any of the rooms being staged need to have its walls repainted, or has wiring issues, or loose door knobs and such, we have to get all these repaired and attended to. At the end of the day, our target is to create the perfect ambience to attract your buyers. ​