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Home Staging San Jose is what allows you to create lasting first impressions. We have been helping the residents of the Bay Area to prepare their homes for sale. As a result of the staging, you will be able to get a maximum return on your investment.

When we stage your home, our objective is to attract several offers that will make it easier for you to get the best offer.

You will definitely beat all the other homes that are not staged. We have a wide range of services which are geared towards making your home appeal to many interested buyers.

​Our process is comprehensive and we assure you that we will as little or as much as you would want us to do. Talk to us right now to start consultations on home staging.

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Why We Are The Best

There are many home staging companies San Jose that will try to impose some ideas on you. This is what makes us different as we will seek to understand your home and needs and then we will work together to the end of the process. The objective is to make sure any buyer who takes a look at your home envisions it as their dream home. We are careful with every detail, even the minor ones which tend to be forgotten. We know that there are some attributes of your home that will only be revealed when we stage your home.

We will come to your home and discuss, in detail, the budget expectations and the timeframe. We have professional photographers and designers who will work together with the vacant home stagers San Jose CA so as to give you the best result. We will pay attention to the condition of your home and pick the right plan of action. This may include furniture placement, cleaning, de-cluttering and fixing the light and colors.

We will transform an empty space to become a dream home for most people. When any buyer comes to view the house, they will feel welcomed and will want to move in, immediately. Our stagers San Jose have the experience to create an emotional connection for the buyers and the home. We will carefully pick the furnishings that we will use for home staging San Jose CA. We have a wide array of items including original artwork, accents, paintings, furniture and accessories. We will use the ones that bring out your preferred theme in the best way.


​When you think of San Jose home staging and home staging Fremont CA services, think of us. We have everything that you will need to be able to stage your home and allow you get higher offers. You do not need to wait forever to before selling your home. We have the best staging artists and will use our inventory to stage your home in the style that you prefer. Since we are a local company, we know and understand the type of homes that the locals are looking for. This is the assurance that we can give you that your home will attract so many buyers once you stage it. Virtual tours and professional photos are also part of the services that we have. Each of the services that we offer will be customized to fit your needs. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Occupied homes
  • Vacant homes
  • Full house staging
  • Occupied staging
  • Vignettes staging
  • Rental Properties, Model Homes

Even if the type of service that you are looking for is not listed here, do not hesitate to talk to us. We are happy to give you services that are tailored to fit your needs. When you have an empty house, even if it is worth millions of dollars, most people will not find it attractive. It is not welcoming and does not feel like a home. While you may not have realized it, the furnishings are the ones that will emphasize the design and style of the house.

You may have invested in high quality accessories and fittings, but unfortunately many people may not see this. Home staging San Jose CA is essential if you want to compete with the others that are selling homes on the market. Our techniques are proven and we have the right solutions that will save you time and money. At the end of the staging, you will sell your home fast and for top dollar. Do not waste time trying other methods of selling your home; use staging and you will not regret the results.

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"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Does Occupied Staging Work?

For those that do not want to have the entire house staged, we have partial home staging California, which is a cost-effective solution. In this case, we will use what you have in your home and part of our furnishings. We will rearrange the furniture and other accessories so as to ensure that the best parts of your home are being highlighted. During the initial visit, we will discuss your objectives and give you detailed advice and guidance. You can actually use the information that we provide, to stage the house by yourself.
Time is of the essence when it comes to selling property. If you allow your home to sit on the market for so long, you may be forced to reduce the price so that you can get a buyer. However, with home staging, the only challenge would be to pick the best offer, as you will have a lot of them coming in. By staging your home, you will be investing in your home and we can assure you that you will love the returns on this investment.

We Stage, You Sell

From our experience, staging your home is necessary and essential. As a matter of fact, we can dare say that our home staging San Jose is as good as selling your home. We have seen homes that sold, in a few hours after staging. We are your best partners when you wish to sell your home. We will save you too much trouble and you will get the maximum price for the home. Just imagine less efforts, but higher returns. Let us stage your home and see this for yourself!

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